The purpose of this part of the book is to help you become more efficient in reading by speeding up the process generally. Most people can learn to cover material much faster than they do now while maintaining a high level of comprehension. Improvement in reading efficiency has several major benefits. We need reading skills to benefit from the wealth of information that is now available in printed form. Most people get the rough outlines of their daily news from television and radio. However, the printed word still provides the in-depth coverage of topics that really produces well-informed people. Reading is also a great source of entertainment for many people. For students, it is the primary method of studying.

The time you now spend reading can be made much more productive by increasing your reading rate. For some people this will mean that they can obtain more information in the same length of time. For others it will mean that time now devoted to reading can be used in other more interesting and profitable ways. To determine how fast you are reading, you first have to get some idea of the number of words in a given passage. Then you simply divide the number of words by the number of minutes it takes to read. That will give your rate in words per minute.

1、The passage is taken from______.

A、a story book

B、a news report

C、a report on a scientific research

D、a book on reading

参考答案 :D

2、Which of the following statements is NOT a benefit from reading according to the passage?

A、Reading will help readers get more information.

B、By reading readers will have an in-depth coverage of daily news.

C、Students must read so that they can master knowledge. D、Improvement of reading helps readers get outlines of daily news.

参考答案 :D

3、This passage mainly discusses ______.

A、different kinds of reading

B、the importance of improving reading skills and how to calculate reading rate

C、reading as a source of entertainment

D、different ways to improve reading speed

参考答案 :B

4、“reading efficiency ” in Paragraph 2 means ______.

A、the average reading rate

B、the ability of reading fast with a good understanding

C、reading materials readers like

D、reading habits

参考答案 :B

5、Reading speed can be calculated by ______.

A、counting how many words a reader has read

B、dividing the total number of words a reader read by the time he spends onreading

C、timing how many minutes a reader has read

D、asking help from the teacher

参考答案 :B 

“ You’ re trying to control my life, -year- ” says my nine old son. “ I don ’ t know why you think you can do that, but you can ’ t. ” I received this bit of information after I asked Gabriele to put his dirty socks in the basket. And I get no sympathy from my mother, who sa ys, “You let him have his way from the beginning. ”

It ’ s true. I have always asked Gabriele ’ s opinion, found out how he felt about things - treated him as my peer, not my child. And what have I got from my troubles? A lot of back talk. At least I ’ m not alone; it ’ s a complaint heard among parents across the country. It ’ s not just that we ’ re confused by the contradictory advice offered in parenting books. The fact is, in an effort to break away from how we were raised - to try something more liberal than our parents ’ “do it because I say so - our generationhas gone too far. ”approach “ Today ’ s parents want to be young, so they try to be friends with their children, ” says Kathy Lynn, a parenting educator.“ When it comes to discipline, our society has gone from one extreme to the other, ” says Ron Moorish, a behavior specialist. “ We used to use the strap, to intimidate. Then we had permissiveness, and now it ’ s about giving children choices and allowing them to learn from their own experiences. ” Real discipline, says Moo rish, is about teaching. “By correcting our children when they do something wrong, we teach them how to behave properly, ” he says. But this only works, he emphasizes, if parents regain their position of authority. Children will always be children. The key is for parents to choose to take the time to guide and teach their kids.

Rita Munday, a mother of four children, couldn ’ t believe the dramas that played out in the children ’ s shoe store she operated. She often saw children insist on having the high -priced, brand-name shoes. And even when the mother didnt want to spend the money, she would give in when the kid started acting up and throwing shoes around. Rhonda Radice, Munday’s younger colleague, is one parent who has bucked the trend and is proud of it. “ I don ’ t negotiate with them. You can ’ t. I ’ ve seen parents come into the store and bribe their children to behave. You shouldn ’ t have to buy love and respect. ”

6、The author ’s way of treating her son ____________.

A、is shared by many parents

B、is encouraged by her mother

C、proves to be quite successful

D、shows little concern for the child

参考答案 :A

7、It can be inferred from the passage that __________. A、parents should learn to make friends with their children

B、parents need to follow the advice of parenting books

C、today ’s children enjoy more freedom than the previous generation

D、today ’s parents are better at raising children than the previous generation

参考答案 :C

8、According to the passage, to have “discipline ” means that parents should ___________.

A、adopt the “do it because I say so ” approach

B、teach their children to understand the rules

C、negotiate with their children for a decision

D、never allow their children to have their ways

参考答案 :B

9、If Ronda Radice is the parent who has “bucked the trend ”, which of the following can also be cited as the example for “bucking the trend ”?

A、Parents buy whatever their children want.

B、Parents treat their children as their equals.

C、Parents make decisions for their children.

D、Parents maintain authority over their children.

参考答案 :D

10、The main point of the passage is to __________.

A、compare different ways of raising children 

B、analyze the problems faced by today ’s parents

C、explain the importance of understanding children

D、point out the mistakes made by the older generation

参考答案 :B


11、He offered to _______ her a hand as the suitcase was too heavy for her to carry.





参考答案 :C

12、Xiao Lu won a ______ at the tennis match.





参考答案 :A

13、Only after he has acquired considerable facility in speaking _______ to learn to read and write.

A、he began

B、will he begin

C、did he begin

D、must he begin

参考答案 :B

14、Not only _______ our money, but we were also in danger of losing our lives.

A、we lost

B、lost we

C、we did lose

D、did we lose

参考答案 :D

15、You should give the application to the man ______ at that chair.


B、to sit



参考答案 :D

解析: 此处应该选 D,现在分词结构修饰前面的名词 the man, …sitting at that chair 相当于…who sits at that chair。A, B, C语法结构不对。

16、He left orders that nothing ______ until the police arrived.

A、was touched

B、had been touched

C、should be touched

D、were touched

参考答案 :C

解析: He left orders that 后需要使用虚拟语气的被动语态,因此答案是 C。

17、The manager urged his staff not to _________ the splendid opportunity.





参考答案 :C

解析: Miss 的意思是错过,该句中意思是错过机会,因此 C是正确答案。

18、This famous temple is believed _________ about 800 years ago.

A、being built

B、having built

C、to have built

D、to have been built

参考答案 :D

解析: 该句中 believed 要接不定式。 此句按题意必须用不定式的被动语态形式 , 由于寺庙是在800 年前建成的,因此要用被动语态的完成时态。

19、- How exciting! I drove my new car at a speed of 110km/h on Sunday morning.- Were you crazy? You ________ yourself!

A、must have killed

B、would have killed

C、should have killed

D、could have killed

参考答案 :D

解析: could have killed:很可能地 ; must have killed 一定地。根据句意,正确答案应该是


20、At that moment she was standing a few meters away from __________ we are now.





参考答案 :A

解析: where 引导的地点状语从句前面可用介词。


The book is the best research machine invented. Since mass printing began a few hundred years ago, it has given hundreds of millions of people __21__ they could not have found anywhere else. But many readers don't know __22__ a book is organized to help them. They see the different elements of a book. However, the __23__ for such organization puzzles them.

The first thing to look at is the title and author. __24__, a title doesn't tell you very much about what is inside, but usually it does. Sometimes a subtitle __25__ you more information than the main title. __26__ a book has a dust jacket, read the inside flops(书封皮折向里面的部分) . They usually give you a fairly good breakdown of __27__ the book is about. Behind the title page in most books is the copyright notice. It is __28__ to look at this, especially the last date of copyright. Suppose you are studying space travel, a book with a 1916 copyright will not __29__ moon landings.

Check the author's background, if possible. Now and then, you can find it in a beginning part called a preface. Read carefully about the author. Do you think he or she is __30__ to write on the book's subject? Does his or her background make the author an expert in this field?





参考答案 :D





参考答案 :B





参考答案 :A

24、A、All at once

B、Ever since then

C、Every now and then

D、Once in a while

参考答案 :C





参考答案 :B





参考答案 :A 





参考答案 :A





参考答案 :D





参考答案 :C





参考答案 :C



参考答案 :

In a traditional family, the mother's role is to stay in and take care of the children.


参考答案 :

He remembered turning off the light when he left the reading-room.

解析:需要使用 remember+动名词的结构。


参考答案 :

We must study hard, or/otherwise we will not /can't pass the exam.

解析: 考查 or/otherwise 的用法。


参考答案 : 

We are wondering whether she will attend/come to this concert.

解析: 此句注意使用 be wondering whether 的句型


35、写作 Instructions:Your essay should be no less than 150 words.Directions:You are to write an essay on the topic “How to Improve Traffic Conditions ”. You should base your essay on the outline below.

1 .目前我国的城市交通状况 





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